08.30 Registrations and Welcome Coffee

09.45 Opening Comments from IRN

09.50 Opening Comments from the Chairperson

10.00 Welcome from the Iranian governmental delegation

10.40 Multilateral Joint Ventures establishment in Iran to develop technology for local demands and export in Water and Energy Sectors

11.30 Morning Networking Break

12.00 An overview of the Iranian commodities sector

12.40 Trading infrastructure in Iran – Facilities, contracts and products

13.00 Lunch Break

14.40 Payments in and out of Iran – Practical ways to conduct import and export

16.00 Afternoon Networking Break

16.30 Finding the right partner

17.10 Presentation from the World Trade Organization – WTO

17.40 Closing Comments from the Chairperson

18.30 Iranian-themed Cultural Networking Reception & Gala Dinner


08.30 Registrations and Welcome Coffee

09.45 Opening Comments from the Chairperson

09.50 Working in Iran – The legal and tax framework

10.30 Managing the risks in Iran – A company’s approach

11.10 Morning Networking Break 

11.50 Metals – Supply and demand dynamics of the metals markets

11.50 Soft Commodities – Grains and nuts – Realising the potential

11.50 Oil & Petrochemicals – Crude oil, petrochemicals, bitumen – A look at Iran’s most known commodities

12.00 Metals – Opportunities and challenges in the mining and metals sector

12.00 Soft Commodities – Opportunities in the agri sector

12.00 Oil & Petrochemicals – Opportunities in the oil and petrochemical sector

12.50 Lunch Break

For the following sessions, the audience will split into two groups. One will address the European commodity trading houses and provide answers on partnerships and due diligence to conduct with Iran; the other stream of sessions is designed for the Iranian delegation and Iranian companies eager to work in the Swiss commodity hub.

14.15 Finding the right partner

14.15 Swiss trading markets – What you need to know to start working with Switzerland-based companies and institutions

15.00 Counterparty risk and due diligence – Dealing with Iranian counterparties

15.00 Corporate governance – What are the European standards?

15.40 Afternoon Networking Break 

16.10 Overcoming the logistical challenges

16.40 Concluding thoughts from our international and Iranian leaders’ panel

17.20 Closing Comments from the Chairperson


09.00     Registrations and Welcome Coffee

10.20     Latest update on remaining sanctions

  • Discussion on any possible grey areas and implications on trade and customs regulations
  • Risk management
  • Compliant payment solutions including OFAC guidance
  • Trade restrictions and sanctioned goods

12.00     Lunch Break

13.00     Spotlight on the domestic regulations that international companies need to comply with when working in Iran

  • A deeper look at the tax regimes: corporates income tax, free tax zones, tax exemptions
  • The modalities of foreign investment in Iranian companies Legalities around Joint venture and other partnership; agreements
  • What being Sharia-compliant means

15.30     End of Workshops