Iran Mercantile Exchange eases investment in Iranian commodities

Connecting the Iranian economy to global financial markets has now been made possible after the lifting of sanctions. Dr. Hamed Soltaninejad, CEO of Iran Mercantile Exchange, the country’s Tehran-based commodities exchange, looks at the best ways for foreign investors to enter Iran’s financial market. article source: Learn all about Iran commodities at the Iran Commodity Trading […]

Iran will be a super power in mining

  Iran has lots of minerals, and it’s an unbelievably untapped market. There is more money in mining than there is in oil in Iran. 1. For how long have you been working with the Iranian market? *MK: I started in 2007, working with the Iranian government, long before the sanctions were lifted. I had […]

Entering the Iranian Market – the How-Tos

Iran is open for foreign business (as discussed here). Sounds interesting, but, since this is not much of a philosophical issue to ponder on, practical ways of how-to actually do business with Iran are useful to have on your (strategy-) table. Culture matters That’s not something overtly practical, but it is the backbone of every […]

Why Invest in Iran – Facts

Following the implementation of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), commonly called nuclear deal, the economic door of Iran has a door-mat that reads “welcome”. For the story, after the JCPOA, there has been a $11billion FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Iran. Iran is open for business, and some of its potential can be […]

Payments and Iran – Everything you need to know

We have some very useful information for companies who want to work with Iran in concept, but are uncertain about the practical aspects of getting their business done. Bearing this in mind, Mohsen Mohammad, Senior Advisor, Bank Melli Iran – Hamburg will be presenting some useful tips on how to get Payments in and out […]