Mining and metals, bigger opportunity than oil?

With over 3,000 active mines and over 60 different minerals available for extraction, Iran has an enormous potential in the metals industry. The lack of modernisation is holding the sector back, hence the need for international input.

Iran Commodities - Metals

Grains markets and soft commodities: import and export growing potential

Roughly one-quarter of the country’s non-oil exports are made up of agricultural products, which is impressive given the little arable land available. Grains, saffron, pistachios and other nuts are produced and exported. Rice and cereal grains are also being imported, constituting an important destination market.

Iran Commodities

Oil and petrochemicals: Already a high priority for international players

Iran is well-known for its natural gas and crude oil resources, and the lifting of sanctions means that export and import are increasing in that field, creating many opportunities for oil majors and international trading companies.